Intro Videos Features

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Also called ‘teaser’ videos, Intro Videos are short video clips that show off the best parts of your space.  Transitioning from the interior view to the ‘dollhouse’ and back again demonstrates the full functionality of your tour, and introduces a viewer both to your property and to the capabilities of this digital representation.

Intro Videos — Included in the Basic, Premium, and Premium Plus feature packages

The teaser videos are automatically generated, creating a long intro, a short intro, and a GIF loop.  The long version is around 15 seconds, the short around 10.  We provide two 480p MP4 video files, and the 320×240 GIF loop that can be posted and viewed almost anywhere.  Since the videos are generated automatically we have no control over which parts of the tour are shown or the exact length of each video.

Intro Videos are great to put in email marketing campaigns or to post to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.