External 360s Features

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With 360° Views, we capture sweeping outdoor imagery to include with your immersive 3D tour.  These are 2D spherical images much like Google Street View panoramas, allowing the viewer to look up, down, and all around from a location chosen outside your space.  These spots can be accessed directly from the Highlight Reel (if included), or set as a starting point or links from your 3D tour.

External 360s — Included in the Basic, Premium, and Premium Plus feature packages

These views are a means to capture additional images of your property apart from the main tour, increasing the viewer’s sense of place and grasp of the project.  You can accomplish many things in one series of images: Present both the building and the building’s views in their best light; include unattached structures like sheds, pool houses, building lobbies, etc.; highlight indoor and outdoor amenities; and more!